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I am a Consultant for Digital Analytics, working in a large agency in switzerland with national and international clients. Thanks to this and my bachelors degree in business mathematics, I have established a broad and yet deep understanding of the analytical, social and technical aspects in terms of data analysis. I have also aquired vast knowledge in specific tools like google analytics, google tag manager, javascript, R, Python and SQL just to name some. Data driven structures can and will bring addvantages in our future, if applied correctly.


My Skills

SQL: 65%


Google marketing platform: 80%


javascript: 70%


html / css: 70%


R: 80%


python: 70%


google drive services: 80%


microsoft office: 90%


Mastered challenges

Premium Volume Forecast

Bachelor Thesis @ZHAW

The goal was to create a model to predict premium volume in the coorporal business area for a large insurer. To do so we analyzed data from over two years with the help of R and SQL. We diveded the predications into three parts: new, on going and canceled contracts.

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server pattern recognition

Project @ZHAW

We aimed for an algorithm which recognizes server patterns and divides them into different categories. Therfore we where provided with server metrics which was measured periodically. This should help the department of IT to determine when to shut down certain processes.

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WebAPP for Data analysis

Shiny @Privat

As an addiation little project to learn more about the Shiny package of R I have created a simple application where one can iteract with the titanic dataset included in R. There is also a prediction tab where you can check wether you would have surived the tragedy or not.

Open APP

Tracking concept & website

Webpage @Webrepublic/Privat

One of my first task at webrepublic was to create a tracking concept for my website (the one your on right now!). Together with tools like google tag manager (GTM), google analytics (GA) and data studio, analysis was made to improve the website as well as the userexperience.

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Increase efficeny with app

Application @Schülke

In my time as a field service engineer for schülke we used to have a lot of paperwork. For a more efficient workflow we packed the whole technical work process into an application. From reports signed on mobille phone to automated mailings to the administration team.

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Grasping for more!

Brainfood @word wide web

In additon to such tasks I enjoy reading, watching or listen to interesting new technologies and findings. Its a pleasant feeling to know how things work. Therefore I like to invest time to explore. If you want to explore on your own here are some recommendations.

Brain Food


Consultant Digital Analytics


2019 - NOW

After my bachelor degree I was looking for a new challenge. Therefore I immediately started in this demanding and exiting position to expand my knowledge on a daily basis.


BSc in Engineering and Management (part time)

@ZHAW School of Engineering

2015 - 2019

As an engineer with a major in business mathematics, I have acquired mathematical, technical and economic skills. On top of that I also gained thorough knowledge of various programming languages, for instance R and Python.


Service Engineer (part time)

@Schülke & Mayr

2015 - 2019

My main tasks included managing projects, advising customers, coordinate work duties as well as planning and carrying out maintenance work on our technical devices all over Switzerland.


Military service

@Swiss Army

2014 - 2015

Military driver. Longtime-Service completed (no more open duties).

Plastics technologiest

@Nolato Treff AG

2013 - 2014

Produced high quality plastic products with a team of apprentices. Additionaly held trainings.

Technical vocational baccalaureate

@BZ Wil SG

2013 - 2014

Finished vocational baccalaureate while working at Nolato Treff AG.

personal preferences

I like to do sports . This helps me to free my mind and keep balance. I hit the gym where I can outpower myself and find some quite minutes to let my thoughts float or train with a friend. I also go running or hiking when it fits into the day. Together with my interest in nutrition and the human body it also helps me to stay fit and healthy.

I also Like to fiddle around little projects and problems I encounter on my way. Thereby it is often about tech related tasks like app/web development, programming challenges or ways to improve my day to day life. It is always fun and a great feeling when you are able to solve or improve a existing way to go.

Another important thing for me are my friends. Together we like to travel, play games, go out or do sports and much much more. Sometimes all you need is a place to relax with nice people. Topped with a good drink while you talk about everything under the sun. Well I couldn't think of something better than this!?

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